OneColdHand_Taylor_02192017 “One Cold Hand” – Focusing on shadows and light this winter has led to interesting studies. The shadow takes on the color of the surface.

TwoForTea_Taylor_0212-2017 “The Whistler” – the loudest whistling teakettle ever. Found by Ted in a thrift store, it’s a 50s piece made by the Mirro company in Manitowoc, Wisconsin.

SecondChairAgain_Taylor_0206-2017 “The Empty Chair” is casting late afternoon shadows on the wall. You can’t make these shadows up.

SundownAtSanibell_taylor_02192017 “Sanibel Sundown” shows a shadowy beach going to dark and sandpipers adding their shadows.

AbunchOfPurple_Taylor_02-07-2017 “Tulip Royalty” – this bunch is showing backlighting from a fixture on a gloomy day.

closertopurple_taylor_02072017.jpg A closer take on backlit tulips.

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