Winter Memories

Wintery Painting
Commission work winter of 19-20
Winter acrylic of birch
Commissioned by A. Hoffman
Small acrylic
Deer Country
Picnic bench in snow
Snow Picnic
Birch trees
Jackson’s Winter
Winter Acrylic
January Thaw
Winter acrylic
Another Day
Winter Acrylic
Foggy Pines


The Eye of the Storm

Sunlight at Upper Park

Another version of “Upper Park” on Lake Michigan – this one vertical

Purple Magesty
Purple Majesty – SOLD
Lake Eklutna near Anchorage
Lake Eklutna near Anchorage


Denali in Summer

Late Storm on Pewaukee Lake

A Sudden March Snow Squall on Pewaukee Beach

The Above Acrylics are mainly 8 x 8″

“4 PM Snow” – Sold in Cedarburg
“December Glow” – Commissioned for Florida resident
“Cold Morning” – For Sale
“Late November” Sold in Cedarburg
“Pete’s Tree II – Gifted
“Pete’s Tree I – For Sale
“Tomahawk” – Gifted
“Tomahawk” – Kept by Painter
“Tomahawk Pine” – Gifted
“Tomahawk Walk” – Gifted

Newman's Branch

“Newman’s Stick” – The dog really wanted to own this one


SOLD – Sauk Creek

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