This website is a place to post some recent works. While I also work in graphic design (logos, brochures, signage, photography, etc.) my latest love is painting. Here are some pieces that have sold (or were commissioned) or are just hanging around. I am running out of wall space.

IT_CombinedStateBioCVResume    Click the link to access resume, etc.

Zoom on Thursday – 36″ x 36″ Lasting impressions from digital meetings in 2021
Roses in Quarrantine – 36″ x 36″ A large project to keep busy fingers working…though they could be peonies


A Walk in the Park – 36″x36″ Part of the “Go Big” series

“Twisted Sisters” –  Birch is a favorite  subject matter

Relatives of the Twisted Sisters

“A Relative of the Twisted Sisters”


A New York Lunch


Commissioned for J & A Hoffman – “Cactus Party” 1/2 pieces for the dining room

Bleeding Ribbons

Commissioned “Bleeding Ribbons” hanging in private home

CedarburgDam    Cedarburg Dam

Unfinished Penguine Ice Bowl
Unfinished Penguin Ice Bowl
SOLD - The Shortest Day
SOLD – The Shortest Day
Moon over Port Washington
Night Shine
Commissioned - The Urban Pioneer (canoeing down the Milwaukee River)
Commissioned – The Urban Pioneer (canoeing down the Milwaukee River)
No room to eat
No room to eat

JoeAndAprilsDoor   New House

SOLD – Quiet Morning


The Guardian – Note the deer, squirrel, owl, and cardinal

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