This website is a place to post some recent works. While I also work in graphic design (logos, brochures, signage, photography, etc.) my latest love is painting. Here are some pieces that have sold (or were commissioned) or are just hanging around. 

Zoom on Thursday – 36″ x 36″ Lasting impressions from digital meetings in 2021 SOLD
Roses in Quarrantine – 36″ x 36″ A large project to keep busy fingers working…though they could be peonies

A Walk in the Park – 36″x36″ Part of the “Go Big” series

“Twisted Sisters” –  Birch is a favorite  subject matter

Relatives of the Twisted Sisters

“A Relative of the Twisted Sisters”


A New York Lunch


Commissioned for J & A Hoffman – “Cactus Party” 1/2 pieces for the dining room

Bleeding Ribbons

Commissioned “Bleeding Ribbons” hanging in private home

CedarburgDam    Cedarburg Dam

Unfinished Penguine Ice Bowl
Unfinished Penguin Ice Bowl
SOLD - The Shortest Day
SOLD – The Shortest Day
Moon over Port Washington
Night Shine
Commissioned - The Urban Pioneer (canoeing down the Milwaukee River)
Commissioned – The Urban Pioneer (canoeing down the Milwaukee River)
No room to eat
No room to eat

JoeAndAprilsDoor   New House

SOLD – Quiet Morning

The Guardian – Note the deer, squirrel, owl, and cardinal – SOLD

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