The second year to champion local artists and promote the giving of the arts this holiday season.

Current Show: Waukesha City Hall – A show of 15 watercolors from “Lunch Stories” on display at the 1st Floor Info Area, all of November & December 2021

Watercolor Show at Wauk City Hall Nov & Dec 2021 8-4:30 Mon-Fri
1st Floor of Waukesha City Hall – 201 Delafield St. Waukesha, 8-4:30 Mon thru Fri

Fall Features…

Croatian Coastline at Sundown – October 2021 – Framed: 16×20 $300
Hvar, Croatia – November 2021 16×20 $300
Cape Daisy - watercolor done Sept. 2021

“Cape Daisy” – A watercolor done on 18×24″ Aquabord,
3/4″ thick, that requires no framing (much like a wrapped canvas). Sealed. $200

For size visualization

“Amaryllis in Opera” – Framed size – 23×19″ $300

“Flower Power” – an 11″ x 11″ watercolor of coneflowers, Framed in a 20×20″ barnwood style. $300




Trying out a new watercolor board by Ampersand called Aquabord

Golden Maples in October
Saved Maple
Shagbark Hickory in the Park
More Things of Beauty

Blue Day

The “Blue Day” on the lakefront. The water and sky was straight out of the tube that day

More Sunlight at Upper Park

When the sun is at about 10 O’Clock high, the sparks fly. This is “Upper Park” on Lake Michigan in Port Washington.
Framed in a 19×24″ light, brushed grey – $200

Looking Up

The challenge in “Looking Up” was to convey a backlit maple that was slightly wet


“One Cold Hand” – I spent the winter focusing on lighting and shadows. This was the best result. The dog found the glove in the park on a cold winter’s day.


“The Whistler” – Another favorite after studying shadows. This one from spotlighting efforts. This very loud teakettle was Ted’s – found at a thrift store. It’s marked “Mirro Company” on the bottom. Made in Manitowoc, Wisconsin.


“The Empty Chair” – these cast shadows have to be seen to try to emulate. You can’t make them up. Strong afternoon sun makes the coolest shadows.


“Sanibel Sundown” is portraying lowlight, putting the sandy beach into darkness and the sandpipers making their individual shadows before all the light is lost


“Tulip Royalty” – This bunch displays backlighting – made from a lamp on a dreary February day. Tulips from Pick and Save – $5

Wall Mural at Kirkwood Center

From a team effort at a mural on the wall at Kirkland Medical Center


Gifted – Arizona Guard – Pastel